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Platform Parts & Performance Upgrades

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a knife section

Knife Sections

Knife sections designed by John Deere feature tapered tips and consistent serrations, anti-buildup zones, innovative breakage zones and austempering heat treatment to provide faster, cleaner and smoother cutting action. Available in coarse or fine; standard or no-till.

two green colored guards


Green, high-wear guards from John Deere are treated with an additional boronization process to increase wear life. Black guards are case hardened all the way around and provide longer wear life than aftermarket guards. Available in standard or high wear; blunt point, long point or no-till.

A John Deere flipover kit

Reel Tine Flip-Over Kit

Reduces wrapping of crop material in tough, wet, viney crops such as soybeans, peas, straight-cut edible beans and canola. The reel tine flip over kit also increases visibility to the front of the draper.

a crop feeder

Crop Feeding Enhancements

Rigid and flex draper upgrades that enhance productivity in bushy crops like field peas, canola, and mustard include top crop conveying auger, feed drum anti-wrap kit, center section seal kit and HydraFlex™ side knife.

Corn Head Parts & Performance Upgrades

RowMax Chain Kit

RowMax Chain Kits

Designed exclusively for the 700C/FC corn heads – and available as a retrofit for MY12-17 600C/FC corn heads – RowMax boosts row unit life by up to 50% with an advanced gathering chain featuring 12 additional links, two more sprocket teeth, and upgraded solid alloy bushings.

image of RowMax™ Chopping Stalk Roll

Stalk Rolls

Featuring 10 intermeshing knives, the chopping stalk roll can size most stalk residue to less than 6 inches. Other stalk rolls include straight fluted, opposed knife and intermeshing knife. All offer 25% more life with an improved wear coating.

a green stalk deflector

Stalk Deflectors

Protect combine tires and tracks from tough corn hybrids with new John Deere stalk deflectors. Sitting behind each row or just in front of the combine tires, stalk deflectors fracture corn stubble by pushing it down to the ground

Combine Parts & Performance Upgrades

a green feederhouse chain

Feederhouse Chain

John Deere's OEM feederhouse chain offers premium lubrication for longer life, higher grade steel in chain components, solid chain bushings compared to split, and a strong side bar made from alloy steel.

a Slatless Feederhouse Chain

A&I Products Slatless Feederhouse Chain

An economical, easy-to-install repair solution for unworn or unbroken slats, the A&I Products slatless feederhouse chain has a separate bolt kit available for installation.

half width concaves

Kondex and A&I Half Width Concaves

Kondex® Revolution™ concaves provide more aggressive threshing options to manage varying crop conditions and easier crop changeover. A&I Products half-width concaves are lightweight for easy installation and are available in large wire, small wire and round bar.

straw chopper knives

Straw Chopper Knives

Fine-cut, wide-spread straw chopper knives for 70 Series STS and S-Series combines are equipped with an exclusive wing-blade design that moves more air to evenly spread material across the entire width of the cutting platform.

combine cab

Cab Enhancements

John Deere has cab enhancements to make your job easier. Choose from foot pegs, in-cab mobile device mounting, heated floor mat, S-Series combine camera kits, grain tank mirror kit and LED light kits from A&I Products.

ActiveYield™ sensors


Utilizing three sensors to monitor grain weight as the tank fills, ActiveYeld enables your S-Series combine to automatically calibrate the yield system. You can also make near real-time decisions from the cab and get more accurate yield mapping.

a muddy combine tire

4WD Kits

Overcome mud, muck or other tough harvest conditions with a 2-Speed, 4WD conversion kit. Get a competitively priced OEM kit that was designed for your machine.

Maintenance parts displayed on table

Maintenance Parts

Genuine John Deere parts are specifically designed to maximize performance and maintain emissions compliance.