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Image of a Tru-Vee Opener Blade

Introducing the Redesigned

Tru-Vee™ Opener Blade

Get the V-shaped seed trench you need to help ensure consistent seed-to-soil contact with the new Redesigned Tru-Vee Opener Blade. Better than our original design at cutting a precise trench to selected depth, Tru-Vee features a new hub, bearing and rivets.

  • Larger, more robust rivets increase strength and overall durability
  • Double row ball bearing — with triple lip seals on both sides of the blade — helps prevent debris ingression to prolong bearing life and improve overall blade performance

Available now from your local John Deere dealer, the Redesigned Tru-Vee Opener is for MaxEmerge XP or newer row units. New seed tube guards are required. Check with your dealer for model specific parts.

Worn parts can wear on your bottom line

Think your planter can make it one more season without an inspection? Worn row unit parts can reduce performance and impact yield by affecting:

  • Correct population
  • Uniform spacing
  • Uniform emergence
  • Ability to hit the planting window
ExactEmerge row unit

Row Unit Precision Upgrades

With the MaxEmerge™ 5 precision upgrade, you’ll get an upgraded seed meter with improved accuracy and better accessibility. With the MaxEmerge 5e upgrade, you’ll get that same improved seed meter performance with electric drive.

If you’re looking for improved accuracy and speed, look to the ExactEmerge™ precision upgrade with the industry-exclusive BrushBelt delivery system, high-performance vacuum meter, redesigned double eliminator, dual electric motors, and more!

With three options, you can’t go wrong.

John Deere 80/20 talc/graphite blend, graphite and talc

SeedStar™ Mobile

Upgrade your visibility with SeedStar Mobile. Available for select MY12 and newer John Deere Planters, SeedStar Mobile visualizes row-by-row information of your planter’s performance with high precision data attributes shown through map layers.

John Deere 80/20 talc/graphite blend, graphite and talc

Seed Lubricants

Recommended for use with vacuum seed meters, John Deere talc is mined in the U.S.A. Some meters require 80/20 Talc and Graphite Blend. This high-grade product is 97% pure and offers the benefit of seed coating and lubrication in one product.

John Deere Dealers also offer Bayer Fluency Agent, a polyethylene wax seed lubricant for corn and soybeans. This alternative to talc can be used in all makes and types of vacuum planters, and reduces the amount of dust in vacuum system exhaust.