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image of plus sweep

PLUS Sweeps

Swap out your sweeps less often and cover far more acres with newly improved PLUS Sweeps. Manufactured with a uniquely formulated tungsten-carbide blend that's applied to the nose, wing and neck, PLUS Sweeps provide extraordinary wear resistance (lasting two to three times longer than uncoated sweeps2). Now available on both Perma-Loc™ High-Productivity and Tru-Width™ sweeps, you'll be able to cultivate consistent seedbeds acre after acre.

High-productivity sweep

HP Sweeps

Our High Productivity Sweeps attack weeds and soil compaction. Their low profile, curved design allows for long wear life and shape retention. HP Sweeps perform at high speeds creating less draft and soil disturbance. Available as bolt-on or quick-change.

LaserRip Ripper Point

LaserRip™ Ripper Points

When soil compaction is a problem, you need ripper points that stand up to tough, rocky conditions. LaserRip Ripper Points lift and open the soil for improved root penetration and water percolation.

image of truset

TruSet™ Tillage

With TruSet, you can adjust depth and pressure settings in seconds (which is up to 200 times faster than manual field adjustments). You also get real-time data for actual tillage settings, along with the potential for increased yields and improved fuel efficiency. Available for most newer John Deere implements and tractors.

Diamond Series Blades in the field

Diamond Series Blades

Tough conditions require tougher disk blades. Our Diamond Series Blades provide consistent hardness throughout the blade, retain their outside diameter for long wear life, and maintain a sharp edge for aggressive penetration.


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