Cutting Edges

Properly managing your machine's cutting-edge system helps improve productivity, reduces machine downtime, and can ultimately lead to higher returns on your investment. We have a full line of products to help keep you up and running.

John Deere-Exclusive Products

John Deere JAGZ cutting edges


  • Interlocking cutting edges can last twice as long. Guaranteed for life against breakage.
  • Easy to install and adjust, saving time and money.
  • Self-sharpening edges wear from the bottom up, for increased wear.
  • Reversible, interchangeable pieces deliver more versatility.
  • Unique cutting angle gives better bucket fill.
  • Designed for fleet flexibility, including most competitive loaders.
  • Leaves a smoother work surface, reducing tire wear and increasing comfort.


  • Eliminate washboarding & potholes
  • Fewer passes than standard blades
  • Tungsten-carbide tips are stronger than steel
  • Replaceable, rotating, and self-sharpening
  • Wear uniformly & maintain an even cutting height
  • Available in standard duty, heavy duty, and severe duty strengths
Dura-Max Cutting Edge on Bucket

Dura-Max™ Edges

We manufactured these edges with thru-hardened 14B30 boron steel, which is significantly harder than the standard carbon edge. We believe in their durability so much we warrant them against breakages. If a DuraMax cutting edge should break during use before it wears out, a new edge will be furnished free of charge.

Half-Arrow Blades

Half-Arrow Blades

These blades are used to replace the standard double-bevel design commonly used on loaders when no tooth and adaptor options are installed.

  • High-Spec Alloy X14 steel
  • Superior impact resistance
  • More material in high-wear areas
  • Increased bucket capacity
  • Enhanced bucket penetration & material flow
  • Max depth countersinking maximizes wear before bolt head failure
  • Half-arrow blades and base-edge covers completely protect the base edge from abrasion

Other Cutting Edge Options

In addition to the exclusive products above, we offer a variety of quality edges ranging from highly durable to economical alternatives for low-impact use on a range of equipment. We also offer John Deere Universal Edges which provide an alternate cutting edge repair option for all makes of equipment. They are available in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths, so they allow you to rebuild a bucket at minimal expense.

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