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Property Center is free to use. You can sign up today at PropertyCenter.Deere.com.

Ag Tech   September 01, 2023



John Deere Property Center™ now available for consumers.

A growing number of property owners of every type are looking for ways to manage their equipment and the work it does. Because of this, John Deere has created John Deere Property Center™, a mobile-friendly, web-based tool that allows customers to plan and track maintenance for their equipment, buy parts, and learn how to do key jobs around their yard or acreage.

Property Center connects customers with their equipment information anytime, from anywhere. This one-stop equipment management tool provides easy access to operator manuals, warranties, product support, and a library of how-to videos to help manage weekend projects—all customized to their specific equipment. Property Center can also help track and plan routine maintenance to ensure the equipment operates at peak performance.

"As a homeowner or simply an outdoor enthusiast responsible for maintaining a property, understanding how equipment operates and how it best does a job is critical to a good experience. Property Center provides a simplified way to connect to your equipment, your dealer and your job," said Kaylene Ballesteros, product marketing manager for John Deere. "You can use Property Center to look up and order specific parts with confidence, manage your John Deere Financial accounts, and even watch how-to videos and review tips for common equipment jobs like maintaining your gravel driveway or building a fence."

If your John Deere equipment is equipped with JDLink™ connectivity, additional features like tank levels and engine hours can be viewed on the Property Center website.

To learn more visit Deere.com or contact your local John Deere dealer. ‡

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