1100Application Controller (IGrade, Active Implement Guidance)

Release Date:  February 2017

Active Implement Guidance & iGrade application controller starting with version 2.00 software, will require a download to support additional languages.


Download Directions:

  1. Verify the file server folder on the memory device is empty.
  2. Connect a memory device (USB or Compact Flash Card)to the computer.
  3. Click on the link to download the language files.
  4. Click Run
  5. Select the correct drive for the memory device.
  6. Select Unzip to place the language files on the memory device.
  7. Remove the memory device from the computer and insert into the display.
  8. Change the language for the display while the memory device is still connected. Main Menu-->Display soft key-->Settings soft key-->select desired language from the drop down list.
  9. The memory device must be present to change the language of the Application Controller 1100. If you change the language after you remove the memory device the language of the Application Controller 1100 will revert back to English.
  10. Clean up controller object pool. Menu-->Message Center soft key-->Cleanup soft key-->select Controllers >select Begin Cleanup.
  11. Cycle key power.