Deere Joins AI Safety Consortium

Deere has joined the newly established U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC). The Consortium’s primary goal will be to ensure that safe and trustworthy AI systems are developed effectively. The National Institute of Standards and Technology, known for its history of practical measurement and standards-oriented solutions, created this Consortium to bring numerous public and private sectors to work together to build and mature a measurement science for trustworthy and responsible AI.

"We’re looking forward to helping shape the development of standards, test methods, and safe practices of AI systems," said Jahmy Hindman, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at John Deere. "Since our customers utilize technology on their farms and jobsites, we remain committed to ensuring that AI systems will continue to improve their livelihoods."

Deere along with other members of the Consortium will be contributing their technical expertise to a series of working groups that will develop new guidelines, tools, methods, protocols, and best practices to facilitate the evolution of industry standards for developing or deploying AI in safe, secure, and trustworthy ways.