We’re Bringing Power to Potatoes

Usually when we add electricity to potatoes, we’re cooking a meal.

But when we add electrification to a harvester in a potato field, we get better air flow and a higher-quality crop.

John Deere equipment in a potato field

One big thing: A John Deere electrification kit was recently installed onto a Spudnik potato harvester, allowing the machine to do a better job separating potatoes from dirt clods and rocks.

Why it matters: Electrification can solve challenges for growers in many ways. For over a decade, Deere has used electrification in transmissions and eDrive (electrification) kits to bring efficiencies to diesel machines such as better drivability, speed control, and the ability to offboard power to other implements.

What the experts say: “This development with Spudnik is just one example of the breadth of John Deere’s electrification strategy,” explained Pierre Guyot, senior vice president, Power Systems. “It demonstrates the new and unique ways electrification can bring increased precision and profitability to customers.”