1910G Forwarder on a white background


IBC makes it easier to maneuver the harvesting head. Operators no longer need to control each independent boom joint separately. Simply steer the harvester head towards the target, and IBC does the rest, automatically controlling all boom movements based on the grapple's location.


Wheeled Harvesters


Wheeled harvester with harvesting head saws through a log sending saw dust flying in the air

Operator Advantages

  • More productive
  • Short learning curve
  • Enjoyable to operate
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced structural fatigue
  • The operator can focus on controlling the head or grapple rather than the boom joint movements
  • Attract and retain operators. IBC is so productive and easy to use, operators in the forest want to run IBC-equipped machines.


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Tracked Feller Buncher on a white background


High-capacity controllers, simplified CAN bus network, and a streamlined electrical system help provide precise boom control with minimal malfunctions and fast troubleshooting.


Tracked Feller Bunchers

Tracked Harvesters

Tracked harvester with holographic boom arm holding a log

Operator Advantages

  • Reduced signal delay at the start and end of each operator command
  • Improved joystick and foot-pedal response
  • Less wear and tear on the machine
  • More productive
  • Smoother experience for the operator


Quick Release

All four arms open simultaneously for a quick bunch release with the press of a single button.

Auto Arm Sequencing

Grab arms and accumulator arms automatically sequence to gather cut trees with the press of a single joystick button.

Auto Head Level

Automatically maintains the head's cutting position throughout the boom-reach cycle.

Straight-Line Rapid Cycle Boom

Single forward motion of the boom/stick/head engaged using joystick.