Four basics to get precision ag working on your farm

More and more farmers are using precision ag to find new efficiencies, improve yields and increase profits. Here’s the basics to get you started.

Image of a 4640 Universal Display

1. Display

In-cab, touchscreen displays to easily manage guidance lines, application rates, input placement, and more.

Image of a SF7000 receiver

2. Starfire™ Receiver

From plus-or-minus 6-inches to sub-inch RTK accuracy, find the receiver that’s right for your operation.

Image of laptop with cellphone with Operations Center on screen

3. John Deere Operations Center

Your single, secure place to monitor, organize, analyze, and share your farm data – anytime or anywhere.

Image of a man looking at a cell phone in front of at tractor

4. JDLink™ Connection

With a free JDLink connection, machine and field data automatically streams to your Operations Center account.

Image of a John Deere Display


Choose from several easy to use touch-screen displays. More than just A-B lines, you’ll improve application rates, fuel economy and input placement. With some models, you can also get remote support and wirelessly send files.

We have several display options to choose from. See which is best for your needs

ModelScreen sizeTouch screenCommand Arm DisplayVideo camera supportRemote Display AccessWireless Data Transfer











Image of a StarFire™ 7000 Receiver

StarFire™ 7000 Receiver with SF-RTK

The StarFire 7000 – now with SF-RTK – delivers next-generation performance and dependability. A multi-constellation satellite signal reduces time needed to achieve full signal accuracy. Season-to-season repeatability minimizes guidance line, coverage, and boundary drift year after year.

  • New SF-RTK signal offers RTK-like accuracy within 2.5 cm
  • Up to 73% faster pull-in times, compared to SF3
  • Guaranteed 5-year repeatability, season to season
  • Drop-in replacement for StarFireTM 6000 integrated or universal

Choose your level of accuracy

SignalHorizontal pass-to-pass accuracyPull-in timeRepeatabilityDelivery methodLicense RequiredAdditional hardware required

+/- 2.5 cm

< 10 min

Long Term with 5-year Guarantee

StarFire™ Network

SF-RTK Renewable License


+/- 2.5 cm

<1 min

+/- 2.5 cm long term


SF3 ready activation,

RTK ready activation,

and RTK subscription

RTK Radio

+/- 15 cm

~ 10 min


StarFire™ Network



Operations Center

Unlock the full power of your farm data.

Operations Center seamlessly connects data from your fields, your machines, and your operators and advisors. It puts at your fingertips all the information you need to maximize critical farm operations, from planting, tillage, and seeding to applying and harvesting.