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Plant more acres per day with ExactEmerge

Machines equipped with ExactEmerge row-units, featuring patented BrushBelt™ delivery system, provide accurate seed placement at speeds up to 10 mph (16 km/h) in the field. This technology allows you to cover more acres in a day, plant in the optimal planting window, and finish planting faster than traditional planters without sacrificing quality and yield.

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Get better results out of your crops - upgrade the planter you already own

Better stands begin with improved planting accuracy: Plants have a 7% Higher Seed Survival Rate2 and 9% Higher Grain Yields1 when planted at the optimum time, depth and spacing.

With a John Deere Precision Upgrade, you get the benefits of the latest planter technology without having to replace your current planter. At the end of the day that means you can reduce your risk and…

  • Achieve uniform emergence
  • Plant within the optimal weather window
  • Achieve uniform seed spacing
  • Plant at the correct population
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ExactEmerge Row Unit – Increased accuracy at any planting speed

If your planting window is measured in days instead of weeks, ExactEmerge Row Units can get you in and out of the field quickly, with pinpoint population and spacing accuracy. The BrushBelt delivery system drops seed precisely into the trench with little to no ‘rolling,’ enabling accuracy at any planting speed. With higher productivity and more accurate spacing, your yield potential will improve.1

  • Get a 7% higher soybean survival rate, as compared to competitors row units2
  • Achieve super-accurate placement, even at any planting speed
  • Improve your population uniformity
  • Get in and out of the field before planting windows close
  • Reduce costly skips and wasteful doubles


Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce (IRHD) – The best system for field variability

Individual Row Hydraulic Downforce helps ensure consistent planting depth and optimal seed-to-soil contact, even in rapidly changing field conditions. IRHD adjusts downforce up to 5 times per second, and can make a 100-pound adjustment in less than 1 second…nearly 58% faster than Active Pneumatic Downforce*. Our built-in accumulator helps take shock out of your row unit, and assists with your planter overall ride. You wouldn’t drive your truck without shocks, so don’t take your planter to the field without IRHD!

  • Promotes up to 9% higher grain yield potential1
  • Features an integrated accumulator to help protect row units from shock
  • Ensures each seed is placed at the same depth
  • Promotes optimal seed-to-soil contact for a picture-perfect stand

Correct Population

Image of the Brushbelt

BrushBelt Technology

BrushBelt tightly holds the seed from the meter and keeps the seed-to-seed relationship through the delivery system firm and consistent. Seed is then speed matched to the ground allowing it to be placed gently at the bottom of the trench without a traditional bounce and roll found when planting at higher speeds.

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Dual Electric Motors

Saving money begins with eliminating waste. The dual electric drives are designed to improve population accuracy and spacing, eliminating wasteful overplanting while improving yield. Overplanting in curves and headlands results in unnecessary seed costs. Our electric drive row-units reduce this waste with individual meter control allowing for greater curve performance and individual row shutoff when crossing sections of the field already planted.

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Curve Compensation

Maintain target population on curved rows within your fields. Curve Compensation allows each row to receive a signal based on the speed the row unit is moving. Once the signal is received the meter and brush begin to turn at the correct RPM based on the ground speed of that respective row. This means your inside rows going slower won’t overpopulate and your outside rows going faster won’t under-populate.

Ready to upgrade?

What kit is right for you? Give your dealer a call and schedule an evaluation. Together, you can decide what Precision Upgrade fits your needs and operation.

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Strengthen ROI, reduce input costs and improve yields* with new-to-you performance.



*Internal comparison of ExactEmerge and MaxEmerge 5e row units and components with original MaxEmerge row units and components, based on field and growing conditions. Individual results may vary.