Individual Nozzle Control Pro

Individual Nozzle Control Pro


Spraying is all about the nozzles—give your sprayer an upgrade

Control smaller sections and improve application accuracy over your current standard spraying system. Get the benefits of pulse width modulation and keep the sprayer you already own. With a John Deere Precision Upgrade, you can:

  • Maintain a more consistent droplet as compared to standard plumbing
  • Realize savings from section size reduced to a single nozzle turret
  • Achieve greater accuracy of spray rate with turn compensation by each nozzle
  • Combine proven existing standard flow hardware with increased capability

Our upgrades allow you and your dealer to fit your sprayer with the latest technology, to help you work smarter and faster to get the strongest return on your investment.

Individual Nozzle Control Pro
Individual Nozzle Control Pro

Individual Nozzle Control Pro

Individual Nozzle Control Pro is one of the nozzle technologies offered by John Deere. You now get section widths down to the individual nozzle turret and turn compensation by individual nozzle--saving you money and increasing the accuracy of your overall application. Building upon proven hardware, Individual Nozzle Control Pro adds pulse width modulation to a five-nozzle body turret of 15hz. Model year 2014 and newer 4 Series and 400R/600R Series Sprayers are compatible.

  • Reduce over-application, crop burn, and off-target drift
  • Save on herbicides and pesticides
  • Improved accuracy compared to standard nozzle systems

Ready to upgrade?

What upgrade is right for you? Give your dealer a call and schedule an evaluation. Together, you can decide what Precision Upgrade fits your needs and operation.

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