Pressure Recirculation

Pressure Recirculation/Product Reclaim Upgrade


Reduce crop damage and input costs even more—give your sprayer an upgrade

Control your spray and you can help control your costs. Get the benefits of the newest, advanced technology and keep the sprayer you already own. With a John Deere Precision Upgrade, you can:

  • Achieve a more uniform solution
  • Save on chemical and water expense
  • Save time at chemical changeover
  • Reduce potential crop damage

Our upgrades allow you and your dealer to fit your sprayer with the latest technology, to help you work smarter and faster to get the strongest return on your investment.

Pressure Recirculation

Pressure Recirculation/Product Reclaim

It’s all about the flow. The Pressure Recirculation pushes product through the sprayer booms with a 3-way valve, keeping solution from settling and delivering a consistent product to every nozzle. By pushing air through the sprayer lines, Product Reclaim pushes the solution back into the center feed tank. Save time during the rinsing and boom prime as you start your day or switch between products, all from the comfort of your cab. Plus, with no spraying or draining you can avoid potential contamination.

  • Save up to 30 US gallons per boom prime post boom purge*
  • Reduce nozzle plugging
  • Get in and out of the field when weather conditions are best
  • Less waste

Ready to upgrade?

What upgrade is right for you? Give your dealer a call and schedule an evaluation. Together, you can decide what Precision Upgrade fits your needs and operation.

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Schedule an evaluation of your current equipment with your John Deere dealer.

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Our trained technicians will help you determine the best upgrade solution for your operation.

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Add the latest technology and replace worn parts at the same time.

Performance Upgrades Grow


Strengthen ROI, reduce input costs and improve yields* with new-to-you performance.

*Assumes 113.6 L (30 gal.) of residual product in the system at 93.5 L/ha (10 gal./acre) and $20 per acre 10 times per day. Please adjust the calculation to suit your operation.