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Equipment Leasing

Easy on your bottom line

John Deere can help you work smarter, not harder, with world-class equipment that’s on the cutting edge of technology. Leasing is an excellent way to acquire this equipment in a way that is easy on your bottom line.

Leasing typically requires less cash up-front, and feature affordable payment options. Like our equipment, John Deere lease residual values are excellent, which makes our leasing products extremely competitive.

Lease vs. Buy

Should I lease?

Generally, leasing is the right decision if:

  • I need to preserve capital. A lease may provide lower monthly payments. So you're better able to manage cash flow, and invest in other areas of your business.
  • I plan on expanding or reducing my operation. Leasing gives you more flexibility to match equipment needs to the changing needs of your operation.
  • I'm nearing retirement age. It's often a better decision to avoid locking yourself in to large capital investments if you plan on retiring soon.
  • I want the reliability of the latest equipment. Newer model equipment generally requires less maintenance and can reduce downtime.

Your equipment needs are different than your neighbours', and your equipment financing plan should be too. So talk with your local John Deere dealer today. They'll help you develop a financing plan that fits your operation's unique needs.


Should I buy?

Generally, buying is the right decision if:

  • I want the security of owning a physical asset. When you buy, your payments result in direct ownership.
  • I plan on keeping my equipment at least five years. If you expect your equipment needs to remain stable, an instalment loan may be your best option.
  • I want the convenience of owning. When payments are finished you retain your equipment and have time to better plan for future equipment needs.
  • I can plan for regular service. Keeping equipment maintenance up-to-date keeps it in top condition. And no other equipment delivers the resale value of John Deere equipment.

Line up a lease to fit your operation

You spend months choosing the right equipment for your operations, and selecting the right method to acquire that equipment is equally important. If you are considering a lease, we'll work with your John Deere dealer to tailor a lease package that's right for your needs. You'll get competitive rates payments and maximum convenience.