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Flexible Options

Flexible Financing Options

Accelerated payments
Start with a smaller down payment, then make larger payments for the first few months to build equity quickly.

Alternate collateral
By pledging a "free and clear" machine as additional collateral, you provide increased security with no out-of-pocket costs.

Skip payments
If you experience a period of decreased workflow, you can avoid monthly equipment cost concerns by scheduling skip payments into your John Deere Financial retail instalment finance. The equity you build during your busy season carries over into the downtime.

Variable-rate contracts
This type of contract generally provides lower payments than a fixed-rate contract, improving your cash flow. And even though rates fluctuate with market changes, your monthly payment will remain the same. If an adjustment is needed, it will be calculated at the final payment.

In addition to our competitive rates and flexible terms and payments, we can design any of these special solutions to fit your unique business needs. For more information on our retail instalment finance, see your  John Deere dealer.