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Follow the link to learn more about Carry-All Scrapers

Carry-All Scrapers

Carry-Alls have a standard bucket with a straight-blade configuration. Heavy-duty cylinders rotate the bucket when unloading for super-fast cycle times and peak performance. Carry-Alls weigh less than Ejector Scrapers and have better flotation, giving them superior load ability in sandy soils.

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    Follow the link to learn more about Ejector Scrapers

    Ejector Scrapers

    Ejectors are built with heavy-duty cylinders that push the rear wall forward to unload material. The fixed blade is visible from the cab for outstanding control in precision grading. Ejectors have a super-fast cycle time and their heavier weight make them a perfect match for wet, sticky soils.

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      • Follow the link to learn more about the 8R /8RT Series Tractors

        8R /8RT Series Tractors

        Tractors used with scrapers require different specifications than agricultural tractors because of higher loads placed on the tractor. For this reason, John Deere recommends select 8R/8RT Series Tractors for pulling scrapers of appropriate size, weight and capacity. See your dealer for details.

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        • Follow the link to learn more about the 9R/9RT Series Tractors

          9R/9RT Series Tractors

          High-flow hydraulics, heavy-duty drawbar support options, axle flats, and reinforced axles allow the 9R/9RT Scraper Special Tractors to handle the intense loads in scraper applications.

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          • Follow the link to learn more about iGrade Precision Leveling

            iGrade Precision Leveling

            Make your water management and leveling practices hassle-free by using iGrade to automate the hydraulic commands of the scraper’s cutting blade. iGrade also automates Surface Water Pro™ Plus, so ditching is even easier.

              Learn more about iGrade

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