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Excavator Simulator

John Deere's Excavator Operator Training Simulator is a cost-effective, efficient way to train operators in a risk-free environment. This customer-driven training simulator features real-world situations and real John Deere controls. Safely and effectively train operators while avoiding fuel costs, equipment damage, risk to personnel, machine downtime, weather restrictions, and emissions.


Highly detailed, realistic lessons teach proper operator technique and machine controls. After completing each lesson, operators receive immediate feedback based on their performance. Simulator training allows an operator to become familiar with the machine controls while gaining confidence needed before stepping foot in a real machine.


The John Deere Excavator Operator Training Simulator helps build the proficiency and confidence necessary for operation.


What's Included


  • Built-in motion platform with 3" actuators
  • Integrated computer*
  • Simulator software
  • Single computer license
  • Real John Deere controls
  • Detailed lesson scripts
  • Multiple languages


*Due to shipping restrictions, computers may not be shipped to certain countries.


How to Buy


For more information on purchasing the Excavator Operator Training Simulator, please fill out this form.