• cropped studio image of rigid cutterbar draper

HDR40Hinged Frame, Rigid Cutterbar Draper

  • Capture more crop in rolling and uneven terrain with a wing range of over 35”
  • Achieve desired stubble height with Position Control Gauge Wheels
  • Reduce cutterbar loss with Grain Saver Draper Belts
  • Improve harvest logistics with a factory-installed Integrated Transport system

*Save $1,750 (USD)/ $2,450 (CAD) a year across 1,500 acres by reducing canola cutterbar loss up to 25% with Grain Saver Draper Belts compared to smooth draper belts. Assumption: 0.125 bushel savings of canola per acre @ $9.55 bu/canola, 47 bu/ac of canola, 1,500 of canola. Internal testing by running HDR with Grain Saver Draper Belts and HDR without Grain Saver Draper Belts.

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