X9 Technology Packages

Bring precision technology into your field

Bring precision technology into your field

There’s no better way than technology to take the best of every harvest and bring it into your next year. All X Series Combines now come standard with JDLink™ modem. And with a new Integrated StarFire™ 7000 Receiver and Generation 4 Display, you can keep your harvest data at your fingertips — and in your pocket.

Choose from three technology packages

Select teck package


  • Integrated StarFire 7000 Receiver
  • Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter™
    • AutoTrac™ guidance
    • Documentation
    • Data Sync
  • Harvest Smart™
  • Connect Mobile ready

Premium  tech package


  • Everything in the Select Package
  • Premium Activations for Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter
    • AutoTrac RowSense™
    • In-field Data Sharing
  • Active Terrain Adjustment™

Ultimate  tech package


  • Everything in the Select and Premium Packages
  • Generation 4 4600 Command CenterTM
    • AutoTracTM guidance
    • Documentation
    • Data Sync 
  • Machine Sync
  • Combine AdvisorTM with ActiveVisionTM and Auto Maintain

Connected. Integrated. Supported.


JDLink Connect

All new John Deere combines come with JDLink connectivity. This enables machine-to-machine communication, infield data sharing with your agronomic consultants, plus Data Sync, Remote Display Access, Wireless Data Transfer, Remote View and Adjust, and John Deere Connected Support.™

Operations Center

John Deere Operations Center

Getting the best yield data is only useful if you can easily access and share it. With the John Deere Operations Center, you can turn your data into information that will make next year's harvest even better. Plus, with several connected software tools, including the major farm management systems used by agronomists, you can make the most out of your data.

Combine Advisor™

Combine Advisor™

Automatically maintain combine settings that you choose with Combine Advisor and ActiveVision™ Cameras to improve grain quality and reduce loss.

CommandCenter display

CommandCenter display™

With the CommandCenter™ display, you can easily view machine performance, enable machine-specific activations and create custom run pages.



Manual calibrations can take up to 90 minutes, but with ActiveYieldTM, it's done with no time or effort away from harvest and will save you time every day. Automatic calibrations occur as you're running, sensing the weight of the grain in the tank as it fills and continually calibrates the yield system, giving you more accurate field mapping.

Machine sync

Machine Sync and In-field Data Sharing

Coordinate multiple combines and grain carts in the same field to save time and improve logistics. With In-field Data Sharing, you can share coverage map and guidance lines for increased efficiency and complete field coverage. Machine Sync allows the combine to control the speed, direction and position of the grain cart tractor to automate unloading on-the-go.

Mobile apps

You can't always be in the cab, but you can always have access to the information you need with our mobile apps. You can download these apps in the John Deere App Center (available in the Google Play and Apple App store).


Operations CenterTM

Use Remote View and Adjust as part of the Operations Center mobile app to monitor combine performance and adjust settings as needed, from any location.

Connect Mobile 

Connect Mobile 

The Connect Mobile Harvest app lets you view two live maps for a single field, so you can compare results while you keep harvesting.