Commercial Hay and Forage

Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters

Forage harvesting success is ultimately measured by feed quality. And thanks to the 8000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvester’s advanced technology, you don’t have to use guesswork and past harvests to know when to cut. Featured technologies include HarvestLab™, Documentation, Active Fill Control and JDLink™ Connect


With three traction unit choices between 155 and 260 horsepower, there’s a machine that’s perfectly suited for your needs.

Baling Equipment

John Deere Balers are made with one purpose: strengthening overall performance of customer production. Strength starts from within. When it works its way out, it’s your operation that ends up stronger.

Front and Rear Mount Mower-Conditioners

Get a cutting width of more than 32 feet in one pass, plus a narrow transport width of about 10 feet. Pair it with a 7R or 8R Series Tractor with a front hitch and PTO and AutoTrac™ for unmatched productivity. From the F310R, to the R990R, there are two front mount and three rear mount options to choose from.

Is shredlage a good idea?

A Penn State University finds that shredlage "does not give the cow any more physically effective fiber (peNDF) or provide any advantage over conventionally chopped silage in this aspect of the diet.” (16-05).

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What does it take to develop the perfect ration to boost milk production? First, it takes an understanding of the many challenges. John Deere experts take a closer look and offer solutions. (16-08).

Tracking forage info pays

Purdue University's Animal Science Research Center uses high-tech tools like John Deere HarvestLab to obtain higher-precision information, higher-quality forages. (16-10)

Precision Ag Technology

Connecting people, equipment, and technology to give you an advantage.

Tips Notebook

Visit our compilation of how-to tips, videos and ideas about how to get all kinds of jobs done around your place, including videos on hay mowing, tedding, raking, and bale handling.

Build & Price

Make your new John Deere hay equipment your own by building and customizing it with dozens of options, attachments, and accessories.

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