Social Responsibility



employee helping at a food bank

Corporate Citizenship

A priority for John Deere globally, citizenship and volunteerism is also a key priority for our employees. Each year, departments and teams get involved in various volunteer events that benefit local charities and agencies

We have the POWER FOR GOOD! By educating, assisting and motivating our employees to support their own charitable interests, we help them to feel that they've made a difference in their communities.

Woman carrying a tray of flowers

John Deere Foundation of Canada

The John Deere Foundation of Canada is dedicated to putting commitment into action by supporting higher living standards for people. We focus our energy, intellect, and resources on improving health, empowering others through education, and developing our home communities.

Through our contributions, our employee efforts, and our various sponsorships and partnerships, the John Deere Foundation of Canada continues to work tirelessly, year-round, to make lasting improvements to our world and to the lives of people everywhere.

Man standing in wheat field

We run green

Our sustainability pledge is born from responsibility. We believe in conserving water, recycling waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, utilizing renewable energey, and producting products and services that leave a limited environmental footprint. What we stand on - and what we stand for - are forever joined.

Sound like a place you want to be? Join the herd.