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Full-time opportunities are available across the U.S., including functional-development programs.

Development Programs

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The Engineering Development Program has been designed to focus on providing a wide breadth of development through a progression of rotations that expose participating engineers to foundational engineering knowledge and a broad-based understanding of in the areas of Manufacturing, Product and Quality Engineering. EDP Participants will receive mentoring from Deere’s leaders and world class engineers while preparing you for the needs of today and the vision of our future.

Length of Program: 2 years
Number of Rotations: Three, 8-month rotations
Rotational Areas: Include but not limited to:

Manufacturing Engineering (Assembly/Industrial Engineering, Weld & Factory Automation)

Rotational Examples: Assembly, Tooling, Automation programming, Robotics

Product Engineering (Design and/or test equipment, devices, systems or analysis)

Rotational Examples: Controls & Simulation, Electronics, Embedded Software, Drivetrain, Engines, Structures

Quality Engineering Analyze all manufacturing stages to improve production and output

Rotational Examples: Supplier Quality, Current Product Quality Analysis for any of the following areas: Assembly, Weld, Machining, Fabrication, Paint, Tooling, Process Controls

Possible Geographic Locations of Rotations: Moline, IL; Georgia (Grovetown), Illinois (Moline), Iowa (Davenport, Des Moines, Dubuque, Ottumwa, Waterloo), North Carolina (Cary, Fuquay-Varina), Wisconsin (Horicon)
Minimum Required Cumulative GPA: 2.8
Common Full-Time Positions when completed with program: Variety of engineering positions available upon completion of program in the following engineering functions -- Manufacturing, Product, Quality and Electrical

"I can whole heartedly say that John Deere truly cares about your overall happiness both in and out of work. At work managers see your potential and push you to achieve those heights and go beyond what you thought you could do. John Deere is unique by encouraging you to have conversations with higher level managers. That openness to conversations makes work very exuberating and refreshing. Outside of work, the company strives to make sure your personal needs are taken care of. Whether it is your satisfaction of living conditions/area or discounts for gyms to hit a fitness goal, John Deere cares passed the work environment. John Deere treats you not as just another employee with a paycheck, but a valued individual with a plethora of talent to unlock." – Alston, Engineering Development Program– Alston, Engineering Development Program

"Most people smile when I tell them that I'm an engineer at John Deere. The company is renowned for its high quality standards and dedication to its employees and customers. Every time I wear my Deere shirt in public I'm greeted by strangers who have a story to share about an old, but trusty green tractor or lawn mower."

The main reason I enjoy working at Deere is due to their commitment to growing their employees both personally and professionally. I'm immersed with opportunities to better myself through work with professional development organizations such as Toastmasters and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. As I progress through my career I know I can count on Deere to provide me with opportunities to lead challenging and impactful projects while maintaining a healthy work-life balance." - Ramon, Engineering Development Program

Information Technology

The Information Technology Early Development Program (IT EDP) is a three year rotational program in which new or recent graduates are recruited to become successful IT professionals at John Deere. As an employee in our IT Early Development Program, you are given an opportunity to develop an understanding of John Deere's products and IT services through two 18 month rotations. Rotations are driven by business needs and may be completed in the following areas: Application Development, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Infrastructure, Mainframe, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Software Development, SAP and Security. The program also provides participants with the opportunity to establish a network of resources to support personal and professional development early in their career. 

Length of Program: 3 years
Number of Rotations: Two, 18-month rotations
Rotational Areas:Software Engineering, Software Analyst, Infrastructure Engineering, Cyber Security
Possible Geographic Locations of Rotations:Quad Cities (Moline, IL) and Des Moines Area (Ames, Johnston, Urbandale)
Minimum Required Cumulative GPA: 2.8
Common Full-Time Positions when completed with program: Full-Stack Developer, Cloud Software Engineer, SAP ABAP Developer, DevOps Engineer, Security Delivery Engineer, Automation Engineer

Human Resources

The Human Resources Development Program (HRDP) is a two year rotational program in which new or recent college graduates are recruited to become successful HR professionals at John Deere. As an employee in our HR Development Program, you are given an opportunity to build a solid foundation of HR knowledge and processes through a series of meaningful rotations.  The program also provides participants with the opportunity to establish a network of resources to support personal and professional development early in their career.

Length of Program: 3 years
Number of Rotations: Three, 12-month rotations
Number of Rotations: Rotational Areas: Staffing & Recruiting, Compensation, Diversity & Inclusion, HR Operations
Possible Geographic Locations of Rotations:Moline, IL for first 2 years; any U.S. John Deere location is possible for 3rd year
Minimum Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0
Common Full-Time Positions when completed with program: HR Generalist or Specialist

"The Human Resources Development Program has allowed me to continue to develop and enhance my skills in human resources .It has given the advantage of enhancing my ability to understand that human resources helps guide people to make informed decisions about their careers and the steps needed to make advancements in their chosen field. The program has allowed me to understand the implications of how human resources play an integral role in the future of a business. Lastly, I've been able to build a career network within John Deere to make me a more productive and competent Human Resources employee." – JaNaye, Human Resource Development Program

Supply Management

Supply Management professionals at John Deere have a variety of career opportunities including: operational support (order fulfillment process), cost management, logistics, strategic sourcing, supplier development, product delivery process and new product development. Assignments like these will let you demonstrate your capabilities while contributing directly to the company's strategies and initiatives. In each assignment, you will work to meet specific objectives, demonstrate your knowledge and skills, and maintain a training regimen that develops the competencies you will need for world-class supply management.

Length of Program: 3 years
Number of Rotations: Two 18-month rotations
Rotational Areas:Supply Management Specialist, Order Fulfillment Process Buyer, Product Development Process Buyer, Service Parts Buyer, Indirect Materials & Sourcing Buyer, Material Coordinator, Cost Management Specialist, Logistics Analyst, Supply Management Planner
Possible Geographic Locations of Rotations: Any US John Deere location is possible*
Minimum Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0
Common Full-Time Positions when completed with program: Supply Management Specialist, Order Fulfillment Process Buyer, Product Development Process Buyer, Logistics Analyst, Cost Management Specialist

"John Deere's ability to emanate the highest ethical behavior where the rubber meets the road is one of the primary sources of pride that I hold as an employee. John Deere has a clear sense of purpose that honestly does go deeper than simply the bottom line. The company has not only given me the ability to create a solid career path, but has also provided avenues to give back. My efforts today go beyond the company and also impact the community in which I work." – Todd, Supply Management Development Program

Ag & Turf Marketing & Customer Support

Are you interested in growing your career with a global, fortune 100 company serving a higher purpose – committed to those linked to the land? Do you want to work with an engaged team and grow a strong network of peers and colleagues that will last throughout your career? Do you have a passion for supporting a higher quality of life around the world? Are you interested in experiencing different areas of the business before determining your next career opportunities? If your answer was yes, you should apply for the Ag & Turf Marketing and Customer Support Development Program.

Through our program, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in multiple areas while working with diverse, global teams. Our development program provides key experiences, specialized training, volunteer opportunities, and ongoing development to build the skills, capabilities, and network that will establish a foundation for success within our organization. Through experiences in Marketing and Sales or Customer and Product Support, as well as exposure to our product lines, dealers, and customers, you will have the opportunity to thrive in a challenging environment while driving business results. Our core values of integrity, commitment, quality, and innovation are woven into everything we do and have enabled us to make a positive impact on our employees, dealers, and customers for the last 180+ years. 

Length of Program: 20 months
Number of Rotations: Three total with two 9-month rotations and one 3-month Training Experience
Rotational Areas: Tactical Marketing, Platform Product Support, Customer Support or Marketing Shared Services, Product Line Marketing
Possible Geographic Locations of Rotations: At any of our locations in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Georgia, or Wisconsin
Minimum Required Cumulative GPA: 2.8
Requirements: Commitment to relocate during and after the program, travel, dealer and customer appreciation, resilience to adaptability, positive attitude and desire to learn and grow in the program and beyond.
Common Full-Time Positions when completed with program: Product Support Specialist, Sales Promotion Coordinator, Instructor, Product Line Information Specialist, Training Development Specialist, Marketing Representative, Diagnostic Author, Technical Solutions Specialist, Customer Support Representative

"Being in the MCSDP program has been a great opportunity for me to experience multiple roles, see different parts of the company, and grow my network. This program has given me the ability to travel to various parts of the world and continues to show me every day the impact John Deere has on our dealers and customers. With so many different and ever-changing roles in Customer and Product Support, I have appreciated the opportunity to experience diverse roles while in the program that continue to help me grow as a professional and better understand myself in the process!" – Cory, Customer & Product Support Rep

"Upon graduating college, I wasn't sure what area of work I wanted to pursue. All I knew, is I wanted to work for a reputable agricultural company that invests in their people. That's why the Marketing and Customer Support Development Program at John Deere intrigued me so much. Within this program, I am able to learn about different parts of the company and meet new people, with exploring new parts of the country as an added bonus. I went from being a college student, to a tractor guru, to an instructor for dealers, to a project manager. These experiences have helped me learn the direction of my career. With so many different departments at Deere, there are endless opportunities to grow as I continue my career with the company." – Kalie, Marketing Rep

"Starting my career through the development program allowed me to learn about many areas of the business and different areas of opportunity within marketing and sales. This helped me decide what experiences I wanted to pursue in my career and map out a career path. Additionally, the program helped me stablish a network of not just coworkers, but friends." – Melissa, Marketing Rep Alumna 

Construction & Forestry Marketing

The program provides an excellent introduction to the Construction & Forestry Division. Program participants build a strong network, take advantage of numerous learning opportunities and contribute to multiple functional areas.

Length of Program: 14-16 months
Number of Rotations: Three, 4-6 month rotations
Rotational Areas: Marketing/Marketing Services, Sales/Channel, Product Experience (Dealer Technical Assistance Center, Training Center or Similar)
Possible Geographic Locations of Rotations: Moline, IL or Davenport, IA
Minimum Required Cumulative GPA: 2.8
Common Full-Time Positions when completed with program:Sales/Marketing: Training Instructor, Project Manager. CPS/Technical: Factory Technical Support Specialist, Dealer Technical Assistance Center Specialist, Project Manager/Service Information, Training Instructor

Accounting & Finance

John Deere's Finance Development Program (FDP) is designed to continue to attract individuals with the finest business talent and develop them into valued partners within the John Deere enterprise. This program is designed to benefit employees and John Deere through building  Accounting/Finance skills early that are essential to support future business growth and needs, developing a broad understanding of the Accounting/Finance function within Deere, beginning to building a network of peers early in their careers, and help employees better determine their long-term career preferences and planning career moves.

Length of Program: 3 years
Number of Rotations: Three, 12-month rotations
Rotational Areas: Manufacturing, Marketing, Corporate Accounting, John Deere Financial, Treasury, Supply Management, IT, Tax, Parts
Possible Geographic Locations of Rotations: Moline, IL; Olathe, KS; Des Moines, IA; Horicon, WI; Waterloo, IA; Coffeyville, KS; Fargo, ND; Augusta, GA
Minimum Required Cumulative GPA: 3.0
Common Full-Time Positions when completed with program: Accountant, Financial Analyst, Unit Financial Counselor, Auditor, General Ledger Shared Services Supervisor