• Photo of John Deere G5Plus Display

G5 Advanced Package

  • Add even more precision and automation to your G5 Display
  • Bundles advanced precision ag tools into one easily renewable license
  • Set up for easy adoption of future autonomous technologies
  • Improve ease and accuracy of every pass by choosing the package tailored to your machine
  • Choose from either 1- or 3-year license options

Designed to make you more productive, more precise, and less stressed, the G5 Advanced Package includes:

Representative image of combine harvesting corn and putting grain into grain cart pulled by a 9R tractor.

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation

Gives you hands-off and stress-free confidence from one pass to the next. Consistently enter each next pass square to reduce untilled gaps and rework


Forget guessing which guidance line to use, even in complex fields. No more counting rows or harvesting that row of shame.

AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance

Precisely place seed, chemical, and fertilizer, no matter the terrain, with AutoTrac Implement Guidance and optional SF-RTK.

Machine Sync

On-the-go, stress-free unloading in every condition. Work faster, even with inexperienced grain cart operators.

In-Field Data Sharing

Day or night, between multiple machines and fields, you can share guidance lines, coverage maps, as-applied pass-to-pass data and field totals ... without wasting time on radio chatter.

Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local John Deere dealer for more information.