• 959ML Shovel Logger Directional Feller model with a FL100 felling head on a white background

959MLShovel Logger/Directional Feller

  • Peak Power: 246 kW (330 hp)
  • Max Boom Reach: 10.34 (33 ft. 11 in.) – Directional Feller
  • Max Boom Reach: 11.00m (36 ft. 1 in.) – Live Heel Shovel Logger
  • Tractive Effort: 373 kN (83,880 lbf)
  • Swing Torque: 110,170 Nm (81,257 lb.-ft.)
  • Forward Leveling Angle: 26 deg.
  • Tail Swing: 3.18 m (10 ft. 5 in.)


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