Improve Your Daily Load with Tracked Harvesters

Out where you work, ordinary doesn't cut it. No matter the harvesting application or terrain, John Deere tracked harvesters help you overcome any obstacles in the way.

As a cut-to-length solution, our tracked harvesters are designed to deliver the power, precision, and reliability loggers need to succeed in the woods.

Why choose a tracked harvester?

Tracked harvesters give you mobility and can work productively in both dense stands and final fellings. Whether you're moving through thick swamps or navigating steep slopes, John Deere tracked harvesters combine component strength with smarts to help you meet the challenge.

We offer five models as part of our full line of forestry equipment.

Our tracked harvesters provide loggers with these advantages and more.

  • A long and wide undercarriage provides solid balance to maximize stability.
  • Standard and long-reach boom options are available to match the application.
  • A powerful drive provides productivity-boosting power.
  • Cabs are designed for expansive visibility.
  • A John Deere PowerTech™ Plus 9.0L engine minimizes total fluid consumption.

Not sure which tracked harvester is right for your logging operation? Your local John Deere dealer is happy to help. You can also build your machine using our online configurator.

Take control with technology

Available on all John Deere tracked harvesters, optional Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) is an operator-assistance solution that simplifies your logging operations. IBC smooths boom operation, making it more precise and efficient, and easier to control all boom movements. This gives users an enhanced level of control over their logging operation and their bottom line.

With IBC, operators no longer need to control each independent boom function separately. Just control the attachment position, and IBC automatically guides the boom and cylinders accordingly. IBC also automatically controls swing speed based on the overall position of the attachment.

IBC delivers a variety of benefits to your operations.

  • Enhanced precision — provides smooth, precise control of attachment positioning.
  • Increased reliability — delivers more consistent swing/boom movements.
  • Simplified operations — enhances the experience for seasoned loggers and reduces the learning curve for new ones.

IBC is just one of the ways we’re adding innovation to proven experience and giving you the equipment and tools to help you win in the woods.

Our tracked harvesters also come factory-equipped with a powerful set of core technologies and capabilities. Each plays an important role in managing the health and performance of your fleet. Additionally, you can take the guesswork out of planning, implementing, and monitoring your operation with John Deere Precision Forestry tools, including TimberMatic Maps™ and TimberManager™.

Adding John Deere tracked harvesters to your fleet of forestry equipment is just one step to winning in the woods. Our unrivaled dealer support provides you with the hustle of experienced technicians, parts when you need them, time-saving tools, and more.

Ready to put our tracked harvesters to work in the woods? Contact your local John Deere dealer for details today.

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