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Working at John Deere is a great feeling. You connect with other highly talented employees. You're part of a company that recognizes and embraces diversity and inclusion. You have a role in producing the highest quality products and services. And you know that Deere is committed to being a great corporate citizen of the world. But more, you are recognized and rewarded for your contributions.


John Deere offers a competitive compensation package that includes:

  • Base pay – the fixed salary you receive on a regular basis
  • Variable pay – may include annual cash bonuses, stock options, and other longer-term cash awards 


Our total compensation philosophy is to pay for performance. This philosophy is used throughout the company to reward employees in alignment with company and individual performance. Your individual performance impacts your base pay, while variable pay depends on company performance. Our goal is to be competitive in each respective market, so we align our base pay to the middle of what the market pays.  When maximum variable pay goals are achieved, total compensation is paid at the top of the market.

Financial resources

The sooner you plan for the future, the better prepared you'll be to achieve your financial goals. That's why John Deere provides resources that help you assess your financial needs and implement a strategy:

Pension Plan:

Immediately on their first date of hire, employees participate in a Defined Contribution (DC) pension plan that's fully funded by John Deere. The company will contribute 6% of your earnings into an account managed by our service provider (currently Sun Life Financial), which is then invested by you into a variety of available funds based on your personal situation.


Although John Deere funds the benefit, employees are required to take an active role in managing the investments of their DC account. In order to assist you with your retirement planning, John Deere conducts periodic financial and retirement education sessions. Your attendance to the sessions is strongly advised since you are ultimately responsible for managing the investment of your DC account.

Savings Plan:

Employees may want to supplement their retirement income by voluntarily participating in the John Deere Savings Plan, also managed by Sun Life Financial. Employees can contribute a percentage of their earnings for RRSP investment (from 1% to 50%) or the purchase of John Deere stock (from 1% to 15%).


There is also a company match on the first 6% of your contributions. The amount of the match can range from 0% to a maximum of 85%. This percentage is determined annually based on the company's previous year's success. Unlike the pension plan, employees may cash in their RRSPs or stock whenever they wish, but there will be tax implications for RRSPs and fees associated with each "sell" of RRSPs or stock.


*This information is intended for our salaried workforce.  Elements may differ based on unit, geographic location, and/or job responsibility.



One of the most vital components of John Deere's total compensation is our benefits package.


Extended health care:
Coverage for extended health care is in place for all salaried employees and their eligible dependents. Other than a few minimal co-pays and caps on specific benefits, the costs of these benefits are paid by John Deere. There are no premiums required by employees.


Basic dental care is covered, plus a percentage of coverage for periodontal/endodontal services, dentures, bridgework and orthodontics, up to an annual maximum amount.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

Our EAP program provides immediate and confidential support to assist employees with all kinds of problems and concerns. You and your eligible dependents have access to the EAP call centre toll-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for immediate confidential help. Our provider of the EAP program is ComPsych Canada Ltd. Some examples of the support that EAP provides are:

  • Your personal well being
  • Financial concerns
  • Relationships
  • Workplace challenges
  • Tackling addictions and stress management


EAP support is free to employees and held in strict confidence. Only the EAP provider will know that you used the service.

Tuition Reimbursement

To help you maximize your learning potential, John Deere offers educational assistance for undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and other graduate-level courses. There is a six month waiting period before employees are eligible for this benefit. Reimbursement for tuition and fees for credit and non-credit courses is 100%, subject to annual caps.

*This information is intended for our salaried workforce.  Elements may differ based on unit, geographic location, and/or job responsibility.

Income security

While most of us wish we could boast, "I have never been sick a day in my life," the reality is that most cannot make that claim. We understand this reality of life and our income security plans offer benefits to help you and your dependents through these times.  


Salary Continuance

In the event of illness, your salary is continued for up to 12 months. The amount you are eligible for is based on a percent of your salary and your length of service.

  • 100% of monthly salary for each complete year of service
  • 65% of monthly salary for the duration of the 12-month period


Long-Term Disability
If you qualify, this benefit typically begins after 12 months of salary continuance. The benefit is 60% of salary, which would be payable until you recover, return to work, retire, reach the age of 65, or make other plan provisions.

Life Insurance

Security for dependents is an important objective. Our company-funded group-life insurance plan can help you meet your needs:

  • Eligibility on the first day of your employment and automatic participation
  • Basic benefit – multiple of your salary with a $25,000 minimum
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage
  • Benefits paid to the beneficiaries you identify


Optional Life Insurance

You can purchase additional term life insurance to help meet your needs:

  • Eligibility on the first day of your employment and open enrollment during first 31 days of employment without proof of insurability
  • Enrollment at any time after 31 days subject to proof of insurability
  • Can purchase up to five times annualized salary, subject to a maximum of $500,000
  • Dependent eligibility


*This information is intended for our salaried workforce.  Elements may differ based on unit, geographic location, and/or job responsibility.

Work-life management

We recognize that your career is just one of many aspects of your life. Our work-life management programs are designed to recognize the personal and family commitments of employees while improving work and personal effectiveness in the process.



The standard vacation policy starts with five days after six months, and 10 days after the first year of continuous employment. The number of vacation days increases with continuous employment, up to a maximum of five weeks of vacation annually. You can also purchase additional time off to meet your personal needs.



Our holiday schedule recognizes that you want to be with family and friends on important occasions throughout the year. Up to 12 holidays are recognized.


Wellness programs

The health of our employees has a significant impact on their life – both at home and at work. That's why we offer our employees and their families the tools to help make them the healthiest and safest in the world. Employees are encouraged to play an active role in their health and take advantage of company-sponsored wellness programs and resources.


Flexible work

Our mission is to provide a flexible work environment to improve employees' work and personal effectiveness. We offer flexible solutions that enable work under a variety of conditions, schedules, and locations. Flexible work arrangement programs include a compressed work week, flex-time, part-time, or a telework arrangement.


*This information is intended for our salaried workforce.  Elements may differ based on unit, geographic location, and/or job responsibility.