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Close up of track shoesThe honest truth is that when it comes to undercarriage, all you need to remember are two things: John Deere builds them better and John Deere backs them better. So if undercarriage wear is important to your operation's productivity, please take a few minutes to review what John Deere has to offer.

Over 35 years of analyzing what does — and what doesn't — give an undercarriage longer life, have proven that a few extra thousandths of hardness can drastically impact an undercarriage's durability. But the beauty in all of this is that the steel that goes into John Deere undercarriage gives it the kind of deep-hardened resiliency that goes directly to your bottom line. And that's why we say the value that we build into John Deere undercarriage is truly hardened to the core.

    Studio image of track roller
  • Staggered roller design has increased durability, less vibration, and has a much smoother ride.
  • Track shoes are tough as nails because they're made of through-hardened boron steel. A wide selection of shoe configurations is also available, so you can choose the shoe that's tailor made for your application.
  • Track rollers are forged from a boron steel alloy and then through hardened to a good core hardness. This prevents the bushings from loosening. The roller outside diameter is also deep heat treated through wear limit for maximum wear life.
  • Track Links are forged from a special boron-steel alloy that allows deeper heat-treating. This helps keep the pins and bushings from loosening even in severe applications.


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