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Front-Mount and Rear-Mount Mower-Conditioners


Front-Mount and Rear-Mount Mower-Conditioners

Front and Rear MoCos

Get a cutting width of more than 32 feet in one pass, plus a narrow transport width of about 10 feet. Pair it with a 7R or 8R Series Tractor with a front hitch and PTO and AutoTrac for unmatched productivity. From the F310R, to the R990R, there are two front mount and three rear mount options to choose from.


Maximum Productivity
The 131 Front-Mounted Mower-Conditioner requires a tractor with front PTO and is designed to cut and condition hay in tough field conditions such as wet, tangled hay, and fields with gopher mounds or ant hills.


Partner the 131 with a 388 Twin Rear-Mounted Mower Conditioner to cut nearly 30 ft in a single pass. Then quickly move between fields with a narrow transport width of approximately 10 ft. This productivity is especially important to forage harvester customers who want to optimize their forage quality.


Rotary Cutterbar
Power is transmitted to the rotary disks through fully enclosed gears, running in oil, for quiet, smooth, reliable operation


Low-profile design
Low-profile design enables cutting close to the ground at a flat angle helping prevent damage to the disks and knives. Cutting height is adjusted by changing cutting angle.


Impeller Conditioning
Impeller conditioning provides excellent conditioning performance and fluffy windrows. It works well in legumes, especially alfalfa and most all-grass crops. Impeller conditioners are not recommended for thick-stemmed or cane-type crops, such as sudan or sudex, or crops over 5-ft tall.



Product features are based on published information at the time of publication. Product features are subject to change without notice. Contact your local dealer for more information.