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6000A PrecisionCut™ Fairway Mowers

They get an “A” in cut quality, efficiency and cost

Preview our new 6000A PrecisionCut™ Fairway Mowers

Introducing a lower horsepower fairway mower that is truly built for fairways. The 6080A, 6500A, and 6700A deliver "A" model fairway mower features at an economical price.

Connect Mobile

An in-cab solution that helps you manage the job while it’s happening

Introducing Connect Mobile

Connect Mobile now features dual map view for planting and spraying operations — so you can easily compare two maps side-by-side as you plant or spray. Connect Mobile Spraying is now compatible with ExactApply™ enabled sprayers. You can see the same real-time operating parameters like actual rate and pressure with nozzle by nozzle accuracy in the map.

60-foot 1895 Air Drill

SuperSeed Your Expectations

New from John Deere: the 60-foot 1895 Air Drill

With 40 percent greater coverage than before, you can seed a quarter-section with nine fewer passes. When paired with a C850 Air Cart, that’s an 100-plus extra acres in a 10-hour day to superseed your productivity.

ProSeries™ Opener

Seed More Acres Without All The Extra Maintenance

Introducing the all-new ProSeries™ Opener

The all-new ProSeries™ Opener is included with the new 1895 and many select models of John Deere seeding equipment. You can expect more consistent seed depth and uniform emergence, thanks to its narrow seed boot and press wheel. Better yet, we’ve saved you a ton of time by eliminating weekly maintenance. Grease just once a season. That’s it.

5 Series Tractors

Our specialty is meeting your demands

The all-new 5090EL & 5125ML Specialty Tractors

Ask and you shall receive. That’s the mindset that went into our latest edition of specialty tractors. We took the insights of farmers like you and added more power and performance. Take the 5090EL. It’s designed to meet the needs of our specialty farmers – with a low profile to fit through hard-to-access areas, such as poultry house doors. And with plenty of muscle to handle a wide range of implements. Then there’s the 5125ML. Ideal for tree fruit and nut growers, it offers an impressive 125 engine horsepower with optional high-capacity hitch option to make light work of heavy workloads. And that’s just a sample of what makes the 5090EL and 5125ML special.

The new 100 Series Lawn Tractor

The comfortable lawn tractor. At an affordable price.

Introducing the new 100 Series Lawn Tractor

The new 100 Series lineup is at home in your yard. Lift the hood and check out the Easy Change™ 30-Second Oil Change System (not available on the E100, E110 and E140). This all-in-one oil and oil filter system is so easy to take off and put on, you can be done in 30-seconds, max. Twist. Lock. Done. This is going to change the industry.

Then step on it. The two, side-by-side forward and reverse pedals are made for your right foot. Now, sit down. The ergonomic operator station is welcoming. The seat, adjustable. And that’s just for starters.