The Top 7 Reasons to Buy John Deere Excavators

From site prep and trenching to placing pipe and loading trucks, John Deere excavators are ready to dig in and help you get your work done. No matter the task, our expansive lineup of mid-size excavators has you covered.

1. Mid-size machines, massive options.

John Deere's mid-size excavators offer the best of both worlds. They meld together the agility and adaptability of our compact models with the productive performance and versatile capabilities of our largest excavators—all in a mid-size package.

With operating weights ranging from 8418 kg (18,559 lb.) to 51218 kg (112,916 lb.) and maximum digging depths varying from 4.65 m (15 ft. 3 in.) to 8.27 m (27 ft. 2 in.), John Deere construction-class excavators deliver mega might to any mid-size job.

Select a mid-size excavator model below for specifications and more details. You can also build your own using our online configurator.

Not sure which model is the best fit for you and your work? Your local John Deere dealer is happy to help.

2. Deere made here.

We've been manufacturing excavators in our Kernersville, North Carolina factory for decades. Many of the same experienced hands that earned us our reputation for quality continue to build, fine-tune, and test our excavators, so you can rest assured they're reliable, durable, and ready to work on your toughest jobs.

Our team members are dedicated to safety, quality, integrity, and kaizen, which means we value employee feedback and use it to fuel a culture of "continuous improvement"—in the factory and on the jobsite. Learn more about what sets John Deere excavators apart from the rest.

3. Ironclad dealer support when you need it.

We don't care whether you call it a trackhoe, a digger, or an excavator—just call your dealer to find the machine that's right for your job. Deere offers a reliable, expansive dealer network to support you with everything from selecting to servicing a machine.

With a variety of service plans, telematics, parts, trained technicians, and more, you can stay up and running while lowering your costs by making the most of our world-class dealer network.

You can also work smarter on the job by tapping into John Deere Connected Support™. It's designed to give you control of your fleet and proactively address any issues using data from thousands of connected machines.

4. Expert technicians, parts on deck.

We're here to help you work smarter while your machines work harder—our excavators included. These reliable fleet staples have helped crews carry out their work for decades. And our experienced dealer technicians help keep you running with service and parts whenever you need them, wherever you're working. You can also keep your total machine costs down and further remove your maintenance planning burden through a John Deere Protect™ Service Plan.

Through John Deere Protect, you can maximize uptime through proactive maintenance and genuine John Deere parts from factory-certified technicians. You can also minimize your operating costs, extend your equipment life, lower your total cost of ownership, and increase your machine's resale value.

These flexible support plans and proactive solutions can provide you with total confidence and ease so you can focus on your work and not on your machinery. Learn more about John Deere Protect and the various solutions tailored to fit your specific needs.

5. Tried-and-true tech.

With flexible 2D/3D grade-management solutions that include features like overdig protection and virtual fencing, John Deere excavators are designed to help keep you safe, minimize rework, maximize uptime, and more.

SmartGrade™-ready 2D and SmartGrade 3D solutions allow you to set and hold the grade while controlling the arm as the machine automatically controls the boom and bucket. These grade-control technologies allow operators to produce reliable results and enhance operators' capabilities no matter their experience level.

SmartGrade's overdig protection for 2D and 3D systems prevents digging below your target grade, and its virtual fence allows you to establish boundaries that will trigger an alert when the boom and bucket approach them. Grade Guidance helps you execute precision projects from digging trenches for pipes to excavating structure foundations.

John Deere construction equipment is also available with in-base connectivity to help you analyze critical machine data, track utilization, review diagnostic alerts, and more from the John Deere Operations Center™.

6. Safe and comfortable.

Like all John Deere machinery, our mid-size excavators are built with your safety and comfort in mind. Large, spacious cabs help keep operators comfortable. Ergonomically correct short-throw pilot joysticks give you smooth, precise fingertip control. Swing-boom functionality in the joystick eliminates a hard-to-reach floor pedal while clearing space for you to move your legs.

These excavators are available with standard and optional cameras and LED lighting for clear jobsite views. Additionally, wide front and side glass, a large and tinted overhead window, and numerous mirrors enable outstanding visibility.

7. Reliable and durable.

With quality construction and quick, responsive hydraulics, John Deere excavators are rugged, dependable, and built to last through tough conditions.

When you choose a John Deere excavator, you can count on it to be a reliable workhorse that's ready to help you tackle jobs big and small. Because they're so durable, you can also depend on them to put in the work for the long run. And with more than 100 John Deere attachment models, you can swap out your John Deere excavator bucket for other tools—like plate compactors and rotary cutters—to do even more.

Ready to add a John Deere mid-sized excavator to your fleet? Contact your local John Deere dealer for details today.