It's true — there is no such thing as a routine job or an easy day for loggers. But at John Deere, we have the forestry equipment and technology to help you outrun expectations and succeed in the trees.

John Deere's full line of forestry equipment is built with brains to leverage the brawn. Our technology solutions help loggers stay profitable, productive, and efficient.

Eliminate guesswork with Precision Forestry

Take the guesswork out of effective decision-making for your operation with John Deere Precision Forestry.

Seamlessly coordinate your team's performance in the woods and in the office with our Precision Forestry tools, including TimberMatic Maps™ and TimberManager™. These software platforms can revolutionize how you plan, implement, and monitor your logging operations.

TimberMatic Maps is an onboard software solution that helps you visualize your jobsites in new ways. With real-time production views, optimized routes, and shared wireless connections between machines, it's easy to take your forestry operations to the next level.

TimberManager is a web-based solution for PCs, tablets, and mobile phones, allowing you to follow progress on your jobsite. Combined with TimberMatic™ Maps, this software provides data insights about your operation — from land harvested to machine production — so you can streamline communication and increase efficiency.

TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager are available on nearly all models of John Deere forestry equipment, including skidders, wheeled and tracked feller bunchers, wheeled and tracked harvesters, forwarders, and swing machines.

Take control with operator assistance technology

Leverage John Deere's operator assistance technology to make operating easier and more precise, and to increase production and help retain the best operators.

Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) is an operator-assistance solution available on John Deere tracked harvesters, wheeled harvesters, and forwarders. IBC smooths boom operation, making it more precise and efficient and easier to control all boom movements. This gives users an enhanced level of control over their logging operation and their bottom line.

With IBC, operators no longer need to control each independent boom function separately. Just control the attachment position, and IBC automatically guides the boom and cylinders accordingly. IBC also automatically controls swing speed based on the overall position of the attachment.

IBC delivers a variety of benefits to your operations.

  • Enhanced precision — provides smooth, precise control of attachment positioning.
  • Increased reliability — delivers more consistent swing/boom movements.
  • Simplified operations — enhances the experience for seasoned loggers and reduces the learning curve for new ones.

Additionally, Smooth Boom Control (SBC) technology is available on John Deere tracked harvesters and tracked feller bunchers. High-capacity controllers, a simplified CAN bus network, and a streamlined electrical system help provide precise boom control with minimal malfunctions and fast troubleshooting.

SBC provides several advantages for operators.

  • Reduced signal delay at the start and end of each operator command.
  • Improved joystick and foot-pedal response.
  • Less wear and tear on the machine.
  • Smoother and more productive operator experience.

Stay connected with core technologies

Each John Deere forestry machine is equipped with a powerful set of core technologies and capabilities to help manage the health and performance of your fleet.

John Deere Connected Support™ creates a partnership between your dealer and teams at the factory to improve the uptime and profitability of your equipment. John Deere Operations Center™ allows you to monitor your fleet and provides improved machine health through data insights and remote diagnostics to minimize downtime.

John Deere forestry and logging technology is just one of the ways we're adding innovation to proven experience and equipping you to win in the woods. Interested in learning more about our technology solutions? Contact your local John Deere dealer for details today.