Getting Started

1. Purchase TimberNavi™ from your dealer.

2. Verify you have ESRI™ ArcGIS™ for Desktop

3. If purchased as a field kit, download TimberNavi 5.1 Software install for Field Kits to a USB flash drive and connect it to the TimberNavi display. Run the installer from the USB.

4. To create maps, Download TimberNavi MapDesigner and Simulator and Add-In Toolbar for ArcMap 10.2+.

5. Install Map Designer and TimberNavi Add-In Toolbar.

6. License your Map Designer install with the license tool to get the numeric Challenge Key. Enter this key into the correct field as you fill out and submit the licensing form.

7. You will receive an email confirming your license. This email contains a Software Key which you will enter into the license tool to enable Map Designer to begin using your software.