Stack of full-tree cut timber logs at the log yard

Full-Tree Logging Solutions

Logging Evolution

From cutting his first load of wood in 1970 to currently producing over 100,000 tons annually, Larry Strickland of Southern Logging & Timber Co. has seen the wood business become “a whole new ball game.” Check out his story and the role that John Deere knuckleboom loaders, skidders, and feller bunchers are playing in his full-tree logging business.

Redesigned from the Inside Out

Our new L‑II Series Skidders have been redesigned from the inside out with a reinforced arch, an increased grappler squeeze, and new steering stops to reduce stress on the machine — and the operator.

Sorting logs at a logging yard using a 437E Knuckleboom Loader

The New Boom

With new features designed to boost operator comfort and reduce noise and heat within the cab, our new full-tree E‑Series Knuckleboom Loaders will keep you loading and moving at the landing.

Felling full trees in the forest with a 853M Tracked Feller Buncher

A “Bunch” of Work

Whether you need a tracked feller buncher’s maximized stability on wet, steep slopes or the speed and accuracy of a wheeled feller buncher, John Deere has you covered.

Steep Slope Solution

The 959ML Shovel Logger/Directional Feller is designed to handle all your steep-slope applications with its industry-leading leveling technology, slope-monitoring system, and four-point seat harness.