The Furrow

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Issue: Sept/Oct 2020

Cover Story

Modern Farmwives

It's not just about field meals.

Agriculture, Farm Operation

Invested in Carbon

Funding spurs changes that boost production and sequester carbon.

Niche Markets

Terre des Bisons

Quebec bison ranch turns to Plan B.

cows in stall looking at camera

Livestock / Poultry

Milk Mix

Cross-breeding dairy cows boosts profitability on this Minnesota farm.

People working on farm with dust in air

Conservation, Farm Succession

Following the Sheep

A tale of preservation and conservation, thanks to a lot of change.

Road Biking photo

From Homestead Magazine

Gravel Road Biking

Riding the back roads is the rage in cycling.

People working on farm with dust in air

From Homestead Magazine

Unexpected Homecoming

COVID-19 drives the lost generation back to the ranch.


Skyscraping Salad Greens

Urban farming was never their goal. They both grew up in suburbs, generations away from the farm, before rooting their careers in the concrete of New York City.

But when they moved to Minnesota in 2015 to be closer to her family, they unearthed a shared intrigue for growing things.

“We rediscovered the magic of putting seeds in the ground and having food come out,” recalls Ashley Thorfinnson as she and her husband cut arugula to sell at their farmers’ market stand.

The couple quickly went from enjoying a few backyard tomato plants to dreaming about retiring to a hobby farm to building a business on a plot of land down the street from their house in the hip and flavorful neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis.


Hay bale painted as steer

Rural Living

Hay Bale Art

Creativity is being sparked by bales of hay.

Man stirring coffee beans

From Homestead versions

Bean Brewing

Growing coffee in Costa Rica rejuvenates retired Saskatchewan couple.

Women in haloween costume holding an apple

From Homestead versions

Acres of Terror

Halloween provides haunting finale to orchard’s season.

Man moving hay in field with livestock

Agriculture, Farm Finance

Investing in Carbon

Funding spurs changes that boost production and sequester carbon.

jet engine closup image


Aviation Alternatives

Fly the environmentally friendly skies with bio-based aviation fuels.

Rural Living

Take Life by the Antlers

Fallow deere fit a busy life.

Field image
The Furrow Sept/Oct 2020

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