Stack of cut timber logs at the log yard

Cut-to-Length Logging Solutions


From start to finish

We know the logging business isn’t easy. That’s why you need machines and technology that will be there with you from beginning to end. Our cut-to-length solutions deliver the power, precision, and reliability to help you succeed in the woods.

John Deere 959MH Tracked Harvester on a white background

Tracked Harvesters

  • No matter the harvesting application or terrain, our harvesters help you overcome any obstacle in your way.
Available Models:
John Deere 1270G Wheeled Harvester on a white background

Wheeled Harvesters

  • Our wheeled harvesters possess the power, versatility, and intelligence to help you achieve new levels of productivity.
Available Models:
John Deere 1910G Forwarder on a white background


  • With robust power and torque, these proven machines will help you succeed in the toughest logging environments.
Available Models:
John Deere 2154G Swing Machine Processor on a white background

Swing Machine Processors

  • Our swing machine processors outperform expectations and keep things moving at the landing.
Available Model:
John Deere 3756G Swing Machine Log Loader on a white background

Swing Machine Log Loaders

  • When you’re counting on big-time efficiency, these swing machine log loaders are able to handle the heavy lifting.
Available Models:
John Deere 2654G Swing Machine Road Builder on a white background

Swing Machine Road Builders

  • When you need to blaze a new trail, Our Swing Machine Road Builders help you redefine what’s possible.
Available Model:
John Deere machine monitor on a white background with a TimberMatic map on the monitor screen

Technology Solutions

  • In a business with no shortage of moving parts, John Deere technology solutions help you bring it all together and get the job done right.

Seasoned solutions

When experience meets innovation, you’ve got the best of both worlds. With over a half-century of experience in the woods and a deep desire to deliver new solutions, John Deere has created a suite of technology solutions and machines to elevate your logging operation. See how one company’s fleet of seven harvesters and five forwarders uses TimberMatic™ Maps and TimberManager™ to take its operation to the next level.


Take control of the woods

Improved control means greater productivity. Smooth Boom Control and Intelligent Boom Control bring new levels of ease and precision to your work.


Reach for a higher level of flexibility

Close up view of a Waratah H424 Harvesting Head on white background.

Versatile harvesting heads

Every cut-to-length job brings a different set of obstacles. Overcome these challenges with attachments that offer the flexibility, power, and precision to help you get the job done right. Our harvesting heads are an ideal addition to your tracked or wheeled harvester.


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