Uphill battle

Sometimes the woods can be unrelenting, forcing loggers to navigate tough angles and steep slopes. With John Deere forestry equipment, there’s no hill you can’t climb — and no challenge you can’t overcome.

John Deere 959MH Tracked Harvester on a white background

Tracked Feller Bunchers

  • Built to stand up against the biggest challenges, our lineup of tracked feller bunches is ready to handle tough conditions and steep slopes.
Available Models:
John Deere 959ML Directional Feller on a white background

Shovel Logger / Directional Feller

  • When ordinary doesn’t cut it, turn to a machine that is purpose-built to harvest logs where reach might seem impossible.
Available Model:
John Deere 768L-II Bogie Skidder on a white background


  • Efficient and smooth, John Deere skidders help you operate with ease in any neck of the woods.
John Deere 2154G Swing Machine Processor on a white background

Swing Machine Processors

  • Our swing machine processors outperform expectations and keep things moving at the landing.
Available Model:
John Deere 3756G Swing Machine Log Loader on a white background

Swing Machine Log Loaders

  • When you’re counting on big-time efficiency, these swing machine log loaders are able to handle the heavy lifting.
Available Models:
John Deere 2654G Swing Machine Road Builder on a white background

Swing Machine Road Builders

  • When you need to blaze a new trail, Our Swing Machine Road Builders help you redefine what’s possible.
Available Model:
John Deere machine monitor on a white background with a TimberMatic map on the monitor screen

Technology Solutions

  • In a business with no shortage of moving parts, John Deere technology solutions help you bring it all together and get the job done right.

A sturdy foundation

For loggers who love the woods, John Deere equipment provides the power, precision, and efficiency to help you feel at home in the forest.


Raising the bar

When your to-do list keeps piling up, John Deere Forestry is there to help you check every last box — one solution complementing another, bringing the bigger picture into focus, and helping dedicated loggers like you reach new heights.


The tools to get it all done

Close up view of the grapples on a John Deere FR24B Felling Head on white background.

Within your grasp

We have attachments that put everything within reach. Our versatile felling and harvesting heads can help you tackle a variety of jobs, bringing the power and productivity to keep you ahead of the curve.


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