Forge ahead

To deliver results in the logging business, you need to excel even in the toughest terrain. Our southern full tree logging equipment will keep you moving from A to Z, making sure you can forge ahead even when the conditions would grind others to a halt.

John Deere 748L-II Skidder on a white background


  • Bringing power and stability to your operation, these rugged machines were made for the toughest forest environments.
John Deere 437E Knuckleboom Loader on a white background

Knuckleboom Loaders

  • Our knuckleboom loaders come through when you need it, delivering maximum productivity and uptime at the landing.
Available Models:
John Deere 2154G Swing Machine Processor on a white background

Swing Machine Processors

  • Our swing machine processors outperform expectations and keep things moving at the landing.
Available Model:
John Deere 3756G Swing Machine Log Loader on a white background

Swing Machine Log Loaders

  • When you’re counting on big-time efficiency, these swing machine log loaders are able to handle the heavy lifting.
Available Models:
John Deere 2654G Swing Machine Road Builder on a white background

Swing Machine Road Builders

  • When you need to blaze a new trail, Our Swing Machine Road Builders help you redefine what’s possible.
Available Model:
John Deere machine monitor on a white background with a TimberMatic map on the monitor screen

Technology Solutions

  • In a business with no shortage of moving parts, John Deere technology solutions help you bring it all together and get the job done right.

Up to the task

In a job where you can’t accept downtime, our machines are up to the task. We engineer equipment that can go round-for-round in the woods, even on the most difficult days.


Setting the standard

John Deere forestry has your back in the woods — and that means providing solutions for each step of the journey.


Ready for anything

A John Deere 768-II Bogie Grapple Skidder on white background.

Unleash the beast

When you’ve got a hard day’s work ahead, the 768L-II Bogie Skidder is a woodland warrior that will always rise to the occasion. Cool under pressure, it delivers traction, stability, and flotation in any conditions.


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