Stack of cut timber logs at the log yard

Cut-to-Length Logging Solutions

Logging for The Long Haul

Sanville Logging owner Doug Sanville uses a cut-to-length system to go the distance with his forestry needs. Over the course of the company’s 40 year history, he’s found plenty of cut-to-length logging solutions and people who get the same satisfaction from using them. See how their cutting-edge John Deere fleet of seven harvesters and five forwarders use TimberMatic™ Maps and TimberManager™ running every single day to help fill big quotas in the most efficient way possible.

Processing a log with HTH622C Waratah harvesting head at a landing.

Harvester Heads Take Charge

The precision, accuracy, and flexibility of our harvester heads can easily make your forestry excavator or tracked or wheeled harvester the boss of any cut-to-length logging job.

Moving logs using a 2656G Swing Machine

Cut-to-Length Timber Tamer

John Deere swing machines can increase the productivity and versatility of your cut-to-length logging operation. When combined with a harvester head in a processor configuration, you’ve got a forestry excavator that’s extra tough on any timber.

Smartest Boom in the Room

With optional Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) for John Deere forwarders and wheeled harvesters, the operator can simply maneuver the harvester head and the IBC technology intuitively guides the boom with more precision and less effort.