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Issue: November 2020

Cover Story

Meet the Perennials

Not all farmers are wilting as they age.

Agriculture, Sustainability, Education

Healthy Soil is No Bull

Soil health drives management of crops and livestock.

Agriculture, Livestock/Poultry

Wagyu Adventure

The perfect range cow.

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Browsing For Options

Goats clear the path for better forage, soils and ranching opportunities.

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The Alluring Economics of “Gas Natural”

Renewable markets are driving a gas boom.

Jamie and Nikki Johansen


Farmers get by with a little help from their friends

female holding box of apples


Mission Driven

Young farmer focuses on millennial tastes.

combine in field with wind turbines


Propelling Your Farm Through Change

Take a boost from renewable energy projects.

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Snow Farmers

Northern Minnesota farmers turn to producing snow in the winter.

Agriculture, Specialty/Niche, Sustainability

Passion in Paradise

The island of Trinidad glows with color: brightly painted houses, a robin’s-egg sky, and a thousand shades of green in the fields and forests that are crammed with plant life exploding into lush growth. That energy also pervades the island’s young farmers, an almost explosive entrepreneurial spirit.

I was in Trinidad—the easternmost island in the Caribbean, just seven miles off the coast of Venezuela—as an officer of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists, participating in a workshop for fellow reporters. I stayed a couple of extra days to visit some farms, and left with a deep admiration for the passion driving Trinidad’s young farmers.

Daryl Knutt raises goats, cattle, forage, and a wide range of local fruits and vegetables on 10 acres in southern Trinidad. He’s putting his two master’s degrees in agriculture and sustainability to work as he carves a diversified, integrated operation from what was a thicket of head-high bullgrass. He and his peers are also grappling with world-class bureaucracy, warding off thieves, and struggling to access capital.


cabbage and carrots in shredder


Supplier of Choice

Commitment to quality pays dividends when the world’s upended.

satellite image of USA

Ag Tech

Watching Corn Grow

Stages of development in major corn growing states.

Dennis McLean


What About Winter Canola?

Farmers experiment with oilseed alternative.

worm juice poored into hand


Worm Juice

Composting technique jump-starts soil biology

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