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/ Self-Propelled Sprayers

Self-Propelled Sprayers


Theory doesn't increase your yield.

The hybrid design of our ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System provides ultimate control of droplet size, rate and pressure with 3X the pulsing frequency. Put it to work and cover more ground.

    Get in controlGet in control
    Screen inside cab.

    Theory doesn’t know how you work.

    With additions like the 4600 CommandCenter and reconfigurable buttons on the CommandARM and multi-function handle, the CommandView III cab in your sprayer is now a fully connected, flexible system customized to fit how you work.

      Sprayer in field

      Theory doesn’t protect your crops.

      Our all-new carbon fiber booms weave together durability, productivity and weight reduction to reduce corrosion and protect from soil compaction and crop damage. Available in 120- and 132-ft. (36.4 and 40.2 m) booms.

        All-new ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System

        For the sprayer control freak

        All-new ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System delivers consistent droplet size over wider speed ranges at constant spray pressure for greater precision and productivity.

          Get in control
          Introducing all-new AutoTrac™ sprayer guidance systems

          The answer to Row Rage

          New AutoTrac™ Vision for early crops. New AutoTrac™ RowSense™ for late-stage corn. Both help your sprayer stay on course without taking out crops or wearing out operators.

            Stay on track with AutoTrac Vision
            Learn more about AutoTrac RowSense

            See our sprayers in action.

            Image showing New AutoTrac guidance system in action - follow for video

            New AutoTrac sprayer guidance systems

            Find out how to control Row Rage

              View AutoTrac™ sprayer guidance system videoView AutoTrac™ sprayer guidance system video

              Size up the right John Deere sprayer for you

              Choose from four models to match your needs for capacity, tank size, boom width, power and loading. All John Deere 4 Series Sprayers set the standard for smart technology, round-the-clock comfort, smooth and steady ride, easy-to-use fingertip controls, reliable power and peak efficiency for performance that pays.


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              It’s all here. Everything you need to apply. The industry’s most comprehensive equipment line. The latest technology, all fully integrated. Secure, open, insightful data management. And unsurpassed dealer support. Find out which equipment fits you best.

                Experiment with the Product SelectorExperiment with the Product Selector
                Follow the link to learn more about Technozzlegy

                What Is Technozzlegy?

                John Deere is redefining sprayer performance and accuracy. A concept so advanced, we're calling it Technozzlegy, the next generation in a long line of John Deere nozzles, pumps and accessories.

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